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Does your child struggle when doing homework or writing an essay? We can help.  

The Tutoring Center’s Writing Enrichment Program offers customized programs that adapts to your child’s needs.  The one-to-one instruction, class setup, is aimed to give each student the attention they need to grasp concepts presented. The program will increase your child’s writing skills for long-term success and will also prepare him\her for more advanced courses in high school. 

This program will focus on writing composition and language arts, and will provide your child with a very structured approach to writing. Our writing course will include substantial practice with sentences, paragraphs, essays, punctuation as well as significant amount of English grammar and will help building your child’s focus and concentration.     

At The Tutoring Center, our English tutors are trained to deliver writing materials in a positive and encouraging manner; we focus on positive praising and encouragement to assist students in learning and developing self-confidence. 

We have special offers available: call us today on 04-435-6548 to learn more about our programs and to book your child's free diagnostic assessment and get them started in a fun, educational program. 

We understand that many of you will be traveling at times during the summer. Our program is flexible to allow for kids to take time off for holidays. 

At the Tutoring Center we can help your child achieve his or her potential  

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