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Get your child on the right track this new school year. 

Our experience tell us many children struggle with school is not academic; rather it is the lack of personal skills.  

This school year you can enhance your child’s education with our Study Skills Enrichment Program. 

Is your child disorganized, can’t get work completed or turned in on time, doesn’t appear to understand what a teacher expects of him or her, cannot pick important points in school lectures or from textbooks, can’t take notes, or is not successful on tests? Or is your child a good student taking challenging subjects and working too many hours to maintain top grades? For all of these students the answer to easing stress and improving grades is to learn how to learn-efficiently. 

This is what the Study Skills Enrichment Program is all about. Here is what we teach your kids: 

1.      Organization Strategies 
2.      Communication Strategies 
3.      Reading Comprehension Strategies
4.      Note-Taking Strategies 
5.      Memorization Strategies 
6.      Test-Taking Strategies 
7.      Homework Strategies 
8.      Stress Management Strategies 

At The Tutoring Center we can help your child achieve his or her potential  

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