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Improves Spelling

Writing by hand makes it easier to notice the mistakes they've made, and by making mistakes, it is how people learn best. People are more prone to catch misspellings when writing by hand because the brain is more focused and aware, and faults like typos and misspellings are far more common when typing without auto-correction.

Helps to Exercise Memory

By writing something by hand, people use almost exclusive effort and dedication to that task, so it's easier to summarize and recall what they write.

They'll Learn to Communicate Better

When children are in the process of learning how to write and read, putting pen to paper will help them express and understand their feelings better. Also, writing down their problems from time to time can serve as a way to vent.

It Encourages the Correct Organization of Ideas

When people and children sit down to write a text before putting it on paper, it's vital to think and organize their thoughts beforehand. They'll need to thoroughly structure what they have on their mind to avoid misspellings and other writing mistakes. Rereading it can also help them be critical of themselves.

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