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Let's Get Things Straight

First of all, parents must know that they shouldn't allow any aggressive behavior of any kind pass, but it's important to differentiate between two types of aggressive behavior in children.

Aggressive Behavior as a Learning Response

At first, both boys and girls experience different reactions to certain emotions. This type of behavior is part of their human development which can lead them to respond with anger, fists and kicks, or even an insult. It's a way to vent their anger and it happens to a lot of children. However, this isn't the right way to respond in any situation. Period. Children have to learn to channel their anger towards a more positive response that will move them forward and not make a negative and violent response. Parents must act now in these first moments, but they must not be alarmed if they see this behavior for the first time, since it's a normal response.

Aggressive Behavior Intended to Cause Harm and Discomfort to Other Person

When the response intends to cause harm, and the child doesn't care about other people's feelings and the consequences of this action,  is when parents should be concerned. This type of conduct is harmful to the person who performs it and if this is a regular pattern in your children's behavior, it'll be better to seek a therapist that can work with them for their good.

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