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A learning disability is a condition that appears at an early age and one with which the child must learn to live if it's not detected on time. Although it is common to say that "each child has his or her own learning pace," there are few times that exaggerated anguish makes parents see problems where there are none.

There Will Be More Responsibilities as They Age

As children get older, school subjects get more complex, their workload and assignments will multiply, and relationships with peers take on new and different nuances. Children are more aware of their abilities and limitations, meaning some are doing well, others not so much.

The Effects of Learning Difficulties

There will be no shortage of professionals who indicate that the earlier learning challenges are detected, the better. However, when it comes to young children, there's a risk of making exaggerated diagnoses. Learning difficulties influence how they process information. For instance, the child takes time to learn to read and write and often has math problems. Or, the child can understand what it's about but cannot express what's being taught correctly. This not only school performance but also threaten the ability to relate to others.

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