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For a student, procrastination can be a detrimental practice: it can lead to poor grades, bad time management skills, and a short attention span. If you notice that your child procrastinates when it's time to do homework or study, use the following tips to help them continue working.

How to Reduce Procrastination

Eliminate Distractions

If your child gets distracted easily, the first step is to eliminate the things that can pull their attention away from their duties. For example, their phone or the television shouldn't be near when they study, read or do homework.

Teach Them Proper Time Management

Understanding how to manage time appropriately is instrumental in reducing procrastination and increasing productivity. Create a schedule, teach them to stick to it, and help them manage their time and efforts.

Set Doable Goals

A great way to keep your child motivated and focused on the tasks at hand is to set goals that they can achieve. Setting specific goals about their homework or studies can help them procrastinate less.

Tackle the Assignments with Different Techniques

Sometimes, procrastination can stem from confusion over how to tackle all of the assignments. In those cases, tell your child to start with the easier tasks. Then, break down the more complicated tasks into smaller blocks. This way, they won't feel as overwhelmed, and they'll be able to get through their homework.

Create a Rewards System

If you feel that your child could use a little push to get working and fend off procrastination, try creating a reward system. For instance, you can set certain goals and a deadline to complete them in. If they do, they can go outside and play for an extra half an hour that day.

Talk with Your Child

Finally, if your child can't seem to focus, then you should have a conversation with them and try to find out why that is. If you want, you can take them to an expert that will be able to diagnose if a disorder is part of their lack of interest and motivation.

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