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It may seem strange to you, but, sitting down to study and review your school subjects without optimizing your time, can be a big mistake. Read on to find out how to maximize these days while studying at home.

Link Each Concept to an Idea

Some of the most difficult concepts to learn are those with an ambiguous or complex meaning. The way to incorporate them is by defining them with their own words. For this to succeed, the students must work on associating images and ideas related to what they are studying.

Resolve Your Doubts on Time

When reading a full text, the student will surely have some kind of doubt. The worst thing that can be done is to keep on reading while ignoring those concerns. Although the student can go back and read again, going back and forth on the text can lead to time lost. So, the students must set some time to ponder about every question that arises, and they can keep on reading once it's understood.

Use Metaphors

If students are dealing with complex topics, encourage them to create metaphors to help their understanding. For example, if they are learning about brain neurons, imagine the same concept but concerning parts of a computer, or something you feel comfortable with. Creating metaphors to associate new information with things they already know, challenging topics will be easier to understand.

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