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It happens to everyone, you've pulled an all-nighter before a test and your memory refused to cooperate. Know that your brain will work against you if it's fatigued. If you are on the hunt for new study hacks and tutoring in Dubai, scroll down.


Retaining information and superb memory is a common ability for toddlers to young adults. But, since this group is the most prone to hold on to trivialities, sometimes memory doesn't work to its full potential. Getting the proper rest is pivotal for any human being, it's what fuels our body to take on the day. No matter their age, know that people will get better results in a test if they had a good sleep the night before. If the brain is well-rested, the mind will think and remember information more clearly.

Always Take Notes

Now that technology and interactive learning have appeared in the educational landscape, writing notes is becoming an underrated tool among the younger crowd. It's easier for students to take notes on their laptops or on any other gadget; they even prefer to use their cellphones to snap pictures of the board with the promise of writing everything down on their notebook, but most of the time, they forget to do so. Taking notes can get tiresome on their hands but it's also one of the most effective methods to memorize. So, always try to outline what's being seen in class for context and transcribe what you think it's essential.


Though many tend to see tutoring as an after school obligation, it is not. The tutor will tailor an approach according to the students' learning needs and will make sure they understand each lesson.

Academic Tutoring in Dubai

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