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After the pandemic, specific personal skills will make you stand out when HRs go through selecting new personnel. These are the abilities that any person has when facing daily situations, both personal and professional life. That is, they are traits of your personality, social, communication, language skills, and behavior in any case. According to LinkedIn, the top three areas of soft skills that get the most attention for recruiters and HR people are the following:


This is the ability to convince a person through reasoning or arguments to think in a certain way or do a particular thing.

Active Listening

This skill is fundamental to connect with other people within a team, for example, or to deal with clients.

Work Ethic

This entails following the rules and principles based on your core values ​​that establish what is known as awareness of responsibility in the work environment.

Critical Thinking

Having new ideas is crucial in times of crisis. Critical thinking makes you more analytical and curious while helping you solve problems in a better way. It enables you to commit to the mission and vision of the company on your terms, which allows you to remain more motivated, focused, and productive.

Growth Mindset

Focusing on constant development is a must. It makes you willing to face new challenges and an individual who has a vision of the future. Continuous and independent learning relies heavily on understanding new technologies, tools, programs, and everything necessary to carry out your work.

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