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Even the most conscientious and interested students can suffer from the summer learning loss, leaving them to return to school unprepared for the lessons ahead. The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE has a post on the topic below, including how to prevent it from happening to your student.

The Summer Learning Slide

Schools and classrooms are great educational spaces. Not just because lessons take place there, but because the space is designed to promote knowledge and encourage learning with a range of engaging activities to keep a student’s brain active. However, once they are removed from this environment for an extended period, such as their summer break, their brain stops learning and begins to forget. Known as both the summer learning slide and the summer learning loss, the phenomenon causes students to forget important information over the summer break, leading them to attend the new school year unprepared.

Can It Be Prevented?

A knee-jerk reaction is to enroll your children in full-time summer school. However, it’s important to recognize that students have not only earned a break from full-time study, but their brain needs it. Instead, find a healthy balance, such as:
  • Create small quizzes for them to complete during road trips and errands or even use them as a reward system when your child needs a ride to the mall.
  • Reviewing their notebook alongside them is a great way to encourage lesson and information retention.
  • A few one-to-one Tutoring In Dubai sessions can not only prevent learning loss but also improve areas where a student struggled.

The Best Help with Tutoring in Dubai

If your child’s notebook includes lessons and remarks which are too complicated for you to understand or they need help with an entire subject, Tutoring In Dubai can help. Find out more by booking your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE. Call today at 80088867 and speak with a friendly and trained teaching professional about how Tutoring In Dubai can help your student prepare for the upcoming school year.


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