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In a previous post, you learned a few reasons why you should be playing music when you study. In this occasion, you'll learn a few reasons why you shouldn't listen to tunes when you should be focusing on learning.

Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It's Distracting

Music can be incredibly fun. Still, when you're trying to focus on assimilating and memorizing information, this is not what you need or want. Especially music with high tempos and lyrics can be very distracting and not conducive to learning at all.

It Can Stress You Out

Classical or calming music can make you feel happy, energetic, and at peace, all of which can help you learn better. However, there are other songs that can make you angry, stressed out, or sad, which can hinder your learning ability.

It Can Lead to Mistakes

Of course, making mistakes isn't ideal when you're studying, since it can lead to an unsuccessful learning experience. That's why you may not want to listen to music when studying, as it can lead to more mistakes when studying more complicated subjects.

It Makes You Less Effective

Finally, taking into consideration the 'cons' mentioned above, it's easy to conclude that certain music can make you a less effective learner. It may even elongate your study session and alter how you manage your time and follow your schedule.

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