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Being a student brings many responsibilities and assessment is one of them - exams allow teachers evaluate progress and needs, which can help ensure that students are learning the skills and abilities they need to face their upcoming academic challenges.

However, tests can also be a source of anxiety, whether due to lack of preparation or to perfectionism. For this reason, we at The Tutoring Center in Dubai have created the following post containing useful information to cope with this problem.


You can’t expect your children to perform well in tests if they don’t learn their material; teach them how to manage their time effectively and remove any distractions that could play a part in procrastination. Great study habits will prevent your children from having to cram the night before the test.


The benefits of quality sleep are countless; it not only helps to restore the energy we spent during the day but while we sleep our brains also work to strengthen skills we learned during the day, and on top of that it improves our ability to focus. Getting enough sleep is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for children, so make sure to establish a regular sleep schedule.


Anxiety is a drive that can help us, however it can affect the performance of your children during a test. Anxiety can lead to going blank or even having panic attacks in extreme cases. Your children should rely on their preparation and learn a relaxation technique. The most simple being deep, focused breathing which provides oxygen to the brain and decreases anxiety. 

These simple ideas will help your children handle the stress exams can bring. Be sure to also read our guide to creating a study space in which your children can prepare for any upcoming tests.

Don’t forget that at The Tutoring Center, we have developed exclusive programs to help your children reach their academic potential. We look into the unique case of each of our students by offering a free diagnostic assessment which will allows us find a specific way to help them with their particular needs. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Dubai.

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