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If your child becomes an avid reader from an early age, it's likely that they'll be a knowledgeable student who has excellent grammar and a wide vocabulary. That's why, if you'd like to help your child start reading at home, you should follow the tips below.

How to Introduce a Child to Reading

Make Reading a Bonding Activity

Your child will be more interested in reading if they see it as a chance to bond with you. For that reason, you should read with them every day. This will also give you a great chance to explain to them what reading is, and that what you say out loud are the words in the book.

Learn the Letters and How They Sound

Of course, it's important that your child knows all of the letters in the alphabet if they want to learn to read. Most importantly, however, is that they need to know what sounds they make (alone and when combined with other letters).

Make Use of Rhymes

Once your child has identified a few letter combinations and their sounds, present to them words that rhyme or that have a similar spelling. This will help them recognize and replicate those sounds.

Help Them with Reading Comprehension

Learning to read won't do your child any good if they don't know what they're reading. To help them with their reading comprehension, be with them when they read and ask pertinent questions about the material. This will help them process and analyze the information they're receiving.

Give Them Time and Attention

As a final tip, you should remember that this is a process, which means that you shouldn't expect your child to become an expert reader over night. Instead, practice with them daily and help them progress at their own pace.

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