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Combine Cleaning and Learning

While spring may mean vacation for students, for parents, it means a spring clean. If your children will be helping during this year’s spring clean, The Tutoring Center, Dubai has some ideas on how you can make the task an educational one.

Share Your Plan

If the first time that your children see your cleaning plan is when you are presenting them with their tasks, then they are missing out on a powerful lesson in time management. This time, include them when you plan your cleaning tasks:
  • When writing your list, show them the techniques you use to ensure you remember all items.
  • As you estimate how long each task will take, share with them your calculations, such as preparation and resources, etc.
  • While prioritizing each task, teach your children what you consider its place on your list.
  • When it comes time to put it all together, not only teach your children your methods but invite them to help in the task.
This can not only be a great way to teach a lesson in time-management, but it also provides a great framework for your children to use when managing competing academic tasks at school.

Basic Measurements and Calculations

If your children are younger or you are looking for a more basic lesson, consider the act of moving your furniture. More often than not, when you clean each room, you and your family slide each large furniture item around while you clean under and around it. This time around, ask your children to measure each of the furniture items and then use this information to locate suitable temporary spaces while you clean. Once they become comfortable with this task, remove the act of measuring and help them to improve their visual-spatial awareness.

Tutoring in Dubai Can Help Improve Grades

Whether your student is struggling with a particular subject at school or they just need more homework help than you can provide, one-to-one tutoring in Dubai can help. Find out more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Dubai by calling 800 88867.


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