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Good hygiene is imperative to ensure health. Therefore, it's necessary to let children know of its importance for their well-being. The Tutoring Center, Dubai, lists a couple of tips to promote hygienic habits in children. Read on!

Give Them Their Bag of Toiletries for Carry-On

This is a great alternative to instill cleanliness in children. Children need to have their own combs, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to teach them how to be responsible for their belongings. Also, it's crucial to provide them with a portable toiletry bag they can take to their daily activities. You can pack it with a hand sanitizer soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and even deodorant if they need it. These items will come in handy after PE or lunchtime at school.

Wash Your Hands and Nails

Most germs and infections spread through hand contact, hence the need to wash them regularly during the day to keep them clean. Children must learn to wash their hands properly with soap and water, especially before eating, petting animals, before and after using the bathroom, and, of course, whenever they get their hands dirty. Washing their hands will get rid of bacteria while reducing the risk of getting sick.

Daily Showers and Baths are Mandatory

If bath time becomes a fun experience for children, it won't be challenging to incorporate daily showers into their routine. As children grow, they must be taught how to wash themselves, and the bath time should take place during the night, preferably before dinner.

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