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Studying for a test is crucial if you want to do well and get good grades. However, to have effective study sessions that can actually help you achieve your goals, there are some practices that you definitely should avoid. To learn what they are so you can stay clear of them next time you study, read the post below.

What Not to Do When Studying

Having a Negative Attitude

Your mindset can affect your study sessions more than you think. This is because, if you're telling yourself that you're not good enough, that you can't do it, or that the subject is too difficult, you won't learn successfully. Try to stay positive so you can have a positive learning experience.

Giving Into Procrastination

Poor time management, confusion, a short attention span, and other factors can lead you to give into procrastination when you should be studying. A way to defeat it is to keep any distractions away from you when studying (such as your cell phone).


When your teacher gives you homework or a practice test for you to study, cheating on it will actually deprive you of a learning opportunity. Stay honest and do your own work so you can learn while you're completing your assignments.

Cramming the Night Before

A common study method students fall for is cramming the night before a test.  However, this isn't the best idea, as it won't help you understand your subjects and retain the information. Moreover, it will get you tired and more prone to make mistakes on your tests.

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