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People are prone to allow stress and anxiety to take hold of them when they feel worried and uneasy. This feeling is not an anomaly in childhood, and it's entirely standard for children and teenagers to feel this way. That being said, it's fair to admit those negative feelings do more harm than good as it often stops them from living their life and enjoying their achievements. So, if you've been feeling affected by feelings of anxiety, stress, and nervousness, the following suggestions by The Tutoring Center, Dubai, can be of great help to control these emotions:

Be Well-Prepared

If you're prone to these feelings, prepare and practice your tests and presentations. Do this whenever you can, either practicing solo or in front of someone. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable and at ease. Nothing calms your hypersensitivity like the certainty of knowing that you are ready to take on the challenge.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Instead of thinking about what could go crazy, seek positive energy. Give yourself a pep talk and repeat affirmations to boost your confidence. Talking to yourself in from of the mirror and repeating positive statements will boost your confidence. You're your biggest cheerleader, and you should exude positivity in everything you do to put you in the right mindset to succeed, especially if you're nervous.

Learn Ways to Relax

Most people read and collect motivational books that inspire them. But, if that's not to your liking,  you could prepare a list of songs that will help you unwind or do some exercise and play around with breathing techniques to figure out which one can make you feel relaxed. Some people engage in physical activities to decompress, while others need to be serene. Learn which method works best, then practice that technique while you wait for an excellent performance.

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