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If your child is uninterested in school, is getting lower grades, or simply has poor time management skills, hiring a tutor can make a big difference. Here are some of the signs to look for before hiring a tutor. **Keep in mind: tutoring will benefit any student, regarding of their current performance.

When to Hire a Tutor

Low Grades

Your child's report card can reflect many things like behavior in the classroom and work habits. Poor performance can be a red flag. Talk to the teacher about your concerns, this way they will monitor your child more closely to try and pinpoint the difficulty.


If your child shows lack of interest in homework or other school activities, this could mean that they are finding it difficult to understand the material or has had previous ineffective experiences with certain topics.


There are many things that could have an impact on your child’s academic performance, from not getting enough sleep to eating unhealthy foods. After school activities may be diverting their attention as well. It’s important that you talk to your child to determine what could be bothering them.

Reading Challenges

Difficulties reading aloud or following written directions can also point to certain problems and even disabilities. Reading is a crucial skill that will be used throughout the life of your child. An expert tutor will be able to cater to those learning disabilities and help your child reach their academic potential.

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