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Children tend to put reading aside during their first years at elementary school, mostly because they don't feel comfortable enough to read books, and parents tend to confuse this with laziness and which leads them to inflict reading on their children at all costs. While the intention is good, its impact can leave a bad experience and create misconceptions. The following are just a couple of mistakes, listed by The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE, that parents do while trying to encourage reading habits:

Punishment or Reward Situation

Punish them with reading and reward them, for example, with television is the worst you can do to promote good behavior and healthy habits and this example will only make children associate reading as something bad. In any case reading should be a reward, not a punishment for doing something wrong. However, reading without understanding is still something imposed, and children must do it because they feel like it.

Let Them Read What They Like

Associating this activity only to novels and classics is a big mistake. children can start their reading journey with magazines or comics. They don't have to read the classics if this genre doesn't appeal to them yet. Always take the child's age or preferences into account and don't worry, their preferences will mature as they grow up.

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