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Tips for Exam Preparation

As much as students may not enjoy taking exams, in reality, the attention they pay to their exams and the results they achieve can determine their potential future study and career options. The Tutoring Center, Dubai has prepared a post which can help.

They Need a Plan

The first thing that any student needs to do when they are advised of an upcoming exam is to devise a plan. The best place to start is by writing the details of the exam in a planner or a calendar. Once this has been done, give thought to the type and quantity of study needed to ace the exam. With this information, work back from the exam date a couple of weeks and plan out when you will prepare. This technique not only prevents students from forgetting exams but gives them a few weeks notice to prepare.

Do You Have Everything That You Will Need?

No longer can a student simply turn up to an exam with little more than a pen and a pencil. Depending on the subject, there will likely be a number of learning tools needed, such as scientific calculators or even simply a protractor. A week before the exam, ask the teacher or consult the exam information packet to find out what you will need for the exam, and not only make sure that you have it but make sure that it works, such as ensuring your calculator has a fresh set of batteries.


The majority of exam questions will be assigned points, with the goal being to achieve the highest number of points. To help you achieve as many points as possible within the allotted time, instead of working through an exam from the beginning, look through the exam and identify any sections or questions which you can answer not only correctly, but quickly. Once you have completed these, move on to the more difficult questions. This can help students who have a lot of knowledge about questions which are not asked until later in the exam earn points for their effort even if they are not able to complete the exam in its entirety.

Be Sure to Review

Something as small as a miswritten number or a letter which wasn’t finished can be the difference between an answer being marked as correct or incorrect, which, in turn, can be the difference between a pass and a fail, or even an A and an A+. Even if it means that you won’t have sufficient time to complete the entire exam, be sure to leave enough time to review the questions which were answered.

Tutoring in Dubai Can Help

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