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Forcing your child to practice their reading is one thing, and encouraging the development of a love of reading that will last a lifetime is another. Of course, the latter is far more beneficial both for your child and you, so follow these tips courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Dubai to achieve this.

Set an example

Your child bases a lot of their behavior on the behavior they witness you and other adults in their life exhibiting, so take advantage of this and provide them a good model by reading every so often rather than surfing the Web or watching the television in the evening. They’ll be intrigued by what you find so interesting about reading, and will want to give it a try themselves.

Read together

Some children don’t like the idea of reading because they see it as dull and/or solitary, but this doesn’t have to be true at all. If you have a fairly young child, a great way to introduce them to reading is to read aloud to them until they feel more confident in their independent reading abilities. Older children might enjoy reading aloud to you, instead. If they don’t want to read to you, they may simply appreciate the camaraderie of you both curling up in the lounge together and enjoying a couple of good books.

Change it up

Reading time doesn’t have to consists solely of reading, and in fact this may not be the best way to get the most out of it. Many children benefit from varying styles of learning, with some appreciating the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, some loving nothing more than music, and so forth. Include activities like model-building, drawing, singing and writing alongside their reading to make sure they’re engaged, interested and making the most of their learning.

Provide resources

If your child is going to fall in love with reading, it’s vital that they have reading material available whenever the mood to read strikes them. Stock your home with lots of appropriate books, magazines, graphic novels and so forth. Providing a reading nook offers them an independent space they can view as their own private space, which may encourage some children to enjoy the activity more, especially if they’re allowed to decorate the space themselves.

Give books as gifts

One of the best ways to form positive associations with books and reading in your child is to offer them books as rewards for good behavior and hard work or as gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

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