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Reading Lessons in Your Kitchen

A child’s reading proficiency can play a large role in the type of opportunities they are offered throughout their academic and career path. If you want to help your child improve their reading level, The Tutoring Center, Dubai has some great tips to share.

Find out About the Latest Sale

If your mailbox quickly becomes filled with promotional flyers and letters, instead of considering it a curse, use this as a teaching platform. As you are preparing dinner, ask your children to read aloud the day’s worth of physical mail, ranging from a flyer about a local sale or even a notice from the city about planned road closures. While it may not seem educational, the vocabulary used in these items isn’t likely to be present during your child’s class. Not only can this help to improve your child's vocabulary, but it also provides them with a range of contexts to help them use new words correctly.

Help in the Kitchen

On the subject of kitchen lessons, instead of your children playing video games or watching TV while you prepare meals, have them join you in the kitchen and give them a small reading lesson. Each time that you use a pre-prepared ingredient, ask your children to read aloud the ingredients list on the label. While it’s fair to say that these words aren’t going to form part of your child’s lexicon, the lesson isn’t in vocabulary, it’s in pronunciation. When your student encounters new words on their own, they will sound them out. However, as great as this technique is, it’s limited by a child’s exposure to a range of letter-sound combinations. Reading strange words like those on an ingredients list while you are there to correct them helps them to learn new words on their own.

Tutoring in Dubai Can Help

One-to-one tutoring in Dubai can help students improve their reading level and overcome any learning challenges in class. If you are interested in finding out more about how tutoring in Dubai can help your student, speak with The Tutoring Center, Dubai at 80088867 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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