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Play and games have a very positive influence on the correct development of children, and their effects are unquestionable. Still, something that can be overlooked is the value of play when it comes to language and self-expression in our children. From an early age, children use their games to increase their abilities, not only cognitive but also linguistic, motor, and social. In other words, play is a practical tool for the child's overall development.

Use Playtime in Favor of Your Children

Many times, it has been said that during the first years of life, the game must be accessible and spontaneous, arising from the child's own initiative, without adult influence. But be careful, as this doesn't mean that the child should play alone. Moreover, the fact that your child could play with other children of similar ages has a vital role in their development. It prepares them to face the different social situations that they'll encounter throughout their lives.

Play and Language

Without a doubt, playtime helps stimulate the acquisition and development of language. For this reason, making sure that your child speaks correctly during this time can make this learning process more manageable. Regarding babies, it's easy to see how adults and older children talk with them in a quite peculiar and very playful way (the so-called baby-talk), and you realize then that what makes a child develop their speech skills is the opportunities to play with language. So, make the most out of this step to improve your child's diction.

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