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If attention deficit or lack of focus is the cause of your children's low grades, you can help them by putting these tips by The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE, into practice.

Figure Out the Root of the Problem

If the child is unmotivated and bored in class, it'll be convenient to discover the source of their lack of motivation. Study their relationships with their teacher and classmates, and give them extra support in the subjects they need to overcome this hurdle.

Establish a Place to Study

Having a place where children can study without any temptations leaves them with no option but to focus on their tasks. Finding and furnishing a space where your children can learn with no distractions will cultivate their concentration in the long run. Ensure the area is well-lit, tidy, and free from potential distractors such as cell-phones and TV.

Set Achievable Goals

Working towards a goal will help your children stay motivated, especially if they're thriving. Although the best reward for any child is getting the parents' approval and satisfaction, rewarding them with modest prizes to acknowledge their efforts will stimulate their commitment.

Don't Overlook the Power of Meditation

Some children will benefit a lot from mediation and relaxation. Letting intrusive thoughts pass and redirecting their attention towards their assignments are practical approaches to improve their focus. Try these techniques at home and see for yourself!

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