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With social media, texts, and other means of communication, some people may think that spelling and grammar have lost some of its relevance. However, learning to spell properly can open a lot of doors for your child, and will help them communicate effectively. If you notice that they need assistance in this regard, the following post will share some useful tips that you can use to help your child become a stronger speller.

How to Help Your Child Improve on Spelling

Reading and Writing

Encouraging your child to become avid readers and writers is one of the best ways to help them improve on their spelling skills. This is because doing so will force them to practice their spelling, as well as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and more.

Provide Helpful Tools

Nowadays, your child has many tools that they can use to become better at different skills. For instance, giving them the right dictionary can not only help them with their vocabulary, but they can also use it as reference for when they're unsure of a word's spelling.

Resort to Mnemonic Devices

To spell correctly, your child will have to remember and use rules, social conventions, and their exceptions. Still, if they have a challenging time retaining this information, using mnemonic devices, such as songs or rhymes, can be of great assistance.

Motivate Them to Keep a Log

Certain words have a more complicated spelling than others, which is why your child should practice them more. To that end, encourage your child to keep a spelling log, where they can write down and go through those words that are more challenging to them.

Help Them Practice More

As a last tip, remember that practice makes perfect, so ensure that your child has enough spelling practice. For instance, handing them spelling worksheets, which you can find online, will allow them to work on this skill and develop it further.

Trust in The Tutoring Center for Expert Tutoring in Dubai

Tutoring is also a great way to be certain that your child will learn and master their academic skills, such as spelling, math, grammar, and others. Trust in The Tutoring Center in Dubai to provide your child the methods, attention, and time they require to succeed. Call (+971) 04 435 6548 for more information on their programs, or on the benefits that expert tutoring in Dubai can bring your child.


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