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Children are getting stressed out more often, starting at a younger age, because of the pressure they feel in school. If you see your child struggling to keep up with school, or is constantly stressed out, step in and help them deal with it. The Tutoring Center, Dubai, has some useful tips to help your child cope with school-related stress.

Create a Schedule of Activities

A great way to reduce stress is by getting organized and putting things in order. If your child has a lot of homework, school projects, and extracurricular activities to keep track of, invest in a schedule or calendar. Write down due dates, practice hours, and other important dates to have a better understanding of what's coming up. You can also create a daily routine to give your child a schedule to follow.

Teach Your Child to Prioritize

Your child must understand the importance some activities have over others. If your child is taking on too much, sit down with them and figure out what activities they can let go of for the time being. Remember to encourage your child to prioritize important tasks such as sleeping enough and eating breakfast.

Support and Listen to Your Child

If your child is stressed out and keeping all their stress bottled up, chances are they'll have a harder time dealing with it. If you notice your child has a hard time, sit down with them and talk it out. Listen to what is bothering your child and help them develop solutions. Remember to be supportive and not condescending.

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