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To help your children learn by themselves and cultivate a self-taught mindset during this winter break, you must follow these tips by The Tutoring Center, Dubai:

Let Them Know Patience is Key

A lot of free time comes with the winter break, and one way to remain productive is by learning new things and developing curiosity. If your children want to master this tool, they must be patient, open to receive more information, and do their own research.

Evaluate Their Progress

Please pay attention to their verbal, non-verbal communication, emotions, and take these factors into account when formulating your assessments to evaluate their progress.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

This exercise will help you be more empathetic in your approach and understand how they feel. Parents can make their children evaluate their learning process to develop new ways to improve it. The winter is a great time to do this since the whole family has more time on their hands to start implementing a self-taught mindset.

Value Their Efforts, Not Their Results

Your children will feel more relaxed if you focus on their learning process while cutting some slack on their school grades but only do this IF these grades are good enough. With this approach, you will strengthen their self-esteem and help them find areas for improvement. They will see mistakes as learning opportunities, which will lead them towards self-learning and, ultimately, success.

Pose Relevant Challenges

The challenges must be concise and with enough difficulty to let them grow within the trial; something not so complicated to make them feel frustrated and nor so simple that they cause demotivation. Besides, they should overcome these hurdles quickly to avoid losing interest. Facing challenges to the best of their abilities will allow your children to experience a sense of accomplishment when succeeding in them. Strengthening their self-esteem and encourage their desire to learn more and to become entirely self-taught.

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