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One of your child’s favorite summer vacation activities is probably watching television. However, you should set limits to ensure that they won’t waste away their school break sitting on the couch. Doing so can help promote a healthy relationship with the TV and its content. If you’d like a few tips on the matter, you can continue reading the ones mentioned below.

How to Encourage Healthy TV Habits

Lead by Example

If you want to teach your child to find the right balance regarding the TV, then you need to practice what you preach. Engage in other activities, and limit your use of the TV so they can follow your example. 

Set Time Limits

Limiting your child’s time in front of the TV to 2 hours per day is a good idea. However, you should also determine when they watch TV. For instance, make sure that it’s after they’re done with their chores. Also, ensure that they don’t watch TV while eating or at least an hour before bedtime.

Have Some Control Over What They Watch

Needless to say, the content your child watches should be age-appropriate and at an acceptable quality level. Moreover, you should encourage them to watch shows that are educational (not purely for entertainment purposes), and that will help them learn something.

Help Them Be Aware of What They Watch

Television can be a negative influence if you’re not aware of its content and don’t question what you’re watching. Discussing the topics on the shows and ads with your child can help them watch TV consciously and learn from it. 

Encourage Other Activities

Lastly, make sure that your child has other things to do aside from watching TV. Help them be physically active by taking them to the park, or to keep their mind awake by encouraging them to read. These and other productive activities can help them grow stronger, healthier, and smarter. 

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