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Summer break is here! This is an exciting time for students. If, however, you're worried that your child will spend the whole time watching TV, you can set the following goals for them, so they can keep learning and developing, even if they're not in school.

Summer Goals for Your Child

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Reading can bring incredibly valuable benefits to your child: an enhanced vocabulary, an open mind, improved academic skills, and more. That's why you should give them a goal to read more this summer: one or two books a month can be achievable.

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Summer is also a great time to pick up the habit of writing. Your child can keep a journal or diary where they document their summer vacation, what they liked, what they didn't, their feelings, and thoughts.


Summer tutoring can help your child learn their school subjects effectively, as well as ensure they won't be a victim of summer learning loss. Call The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE at (+971) 04 435 6548 for more information on the advantages of summer tutoring.

Be Active

Children have a seemingly never-ending energy supply. Enroll your child in a physical activity this summer (dance, swimming, or other), so they can stay active, use their energy, and oxygenate their brain.

Learn Something New

Your child's brain wants to be challenged in order to develop. Learning something new can do that for them. To that end, teach them to play an instrument, to cook, to garden, to speak another language, etc.

Visit New Places

Make it your goal to take your child to visit a new place (be it in your town, in your state, in the country, or in another country). This will help them break out of the routine, learn, and create new memories.

Enroll Your Child in Summer Tutoring in Dubai UAE

Keep your child's mind active and learning by enrolling them in summer tutoring in Dubai UAE. Call The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE at (+971) 04 435 6548 to learn about their programs or to request a free diagnostic assessment.


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