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Fractions and Your Child

If your child is struggling with math and fractions, we have a tip for you! This activity can be done at home with the help of your child. All you need is some paper, scissors and colored pencils or makers. Breaking down fractions can be easy and fun. Help make math less intimidating with this easy activity today.

Making a Fraction Kit

Take a one piece of paper and cut them into four equal strips going the long way. Now you should have four strip of equal sizes. Take one of the strips and fold it in half. Label each half with 1/2 and cut it where it is folded. Take the next strip and fold it into thirds. Label each third with 1/3 and cut where it is folded. Continue to do this with 1/4th. Have your child help you fold, label and cut. They can color each strip with different colors to easily identify which fraction they are holding.

Taking it Further

If your child is understanding and you want to take this activity a bit further, consider making more complex fractions. You can fold a strip into one 3/4 section and one 1/4 section. Have your child combine fractions to make the original sized strip. You can suggest they use 1/2 and two 1/4 pieces to get them started. Also try subtracting fractions instead of adding them. If your child is struggling with math give us a call. Our number is (+971) 04-435-6548. We offer one-on-one tutoring all year long. For tutoring in Dubai, call the Tutoring Center. Check out our blog for more tips like how to encourage a love of lifelong reading .  


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