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School Closings

Due to the current health contingency, both parents and children are feeling challenged when it comes to adapting to at-home learning. This transition doesn't represent much change for those families whose children are already homeschooled, however, it's been harder for the children that rely on traditional education to meet their learning needs. That's why The Tutoring Center, Dubai felt compelled to share some tips to ease this experience for every student going through this.

Create, Build and Share

Being in confinement is a good opportunity to motivate children to make art or practice in-house activities that allow them to free their creativity. Whether it's telling stories, writing them, drawing, or building things, it's time to let children unleash their imagination and discover that there are many different ways to amuse their approach towards learning.

Get Closer to Nature

If you have a garden, help your child to plant something, to know the plants by name and take care of them, identify insects or birds. If you don't have this space at home, you can still plant something small indoors, like the experiment of fermenting a bean on cotton and letting it grow. Search and watch some videos and documentaries online to help your children connect with nature and the outside world, even during a pandemic.

Move, Dance, and Excercise!

Whether dancing to their favorite song, or following exercises on the internet, children and adolescents mustn't spend all day sitting. Play some music and let them feel relaxed after doing physical activity.

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