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The Benefits of Drawing

We've talked about the benefits of instilling a love of reading in your child- but how about drawing? Here at The Tutoring Center in Dubai we offer you some reasons why you should encourage your child to do it: in the long run, they could even consider a career stemmed from the creativity and skill they developed by grabbing paper and making doodles.

It Makes Your Child More Expressive

Children absorb the information from their environment with all of their senses, and when they draw they can express themselves in ways they may not be able to yet with words or actions. It can be a unique means of communication for them.

It Helps Them Solve Problems

Drawing requires focus and creativity. When a child is drawing, he or she will have to wonder how to best make a dog or to get the angle of something right; therefore, they will need to focus and find the best solution that works for them. This skill is paramount in many other aspects of life.

It Boosts Their Confidence

When somebody praises their drawings, children will be assured that they're doing something right and that it's worth it. This works wonders for self confidence.

They Can Create Bonds Through Drawing

It isn't just when your child shows you their latest work and you praise them: it's the fact that you pay attention to them and show them you care. It's also the fact that they can draw with their friends, relatives and teachers and start conversations about their pictures, develop their social abilities, and bond with others.

Tutoring in Dubai

The above are just a few reasons to consider encouraging your child to draw. If you want to know more benefits or are looking for tutoring in Dubai, contact us at The Tutoring Center by calling (+971) 04-435-6548. Our team of experts will happily assist you with any queries you might have.


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