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Summer is a great chance for your children to take a break from school responsibilities. However, this doesn’t mean they should spend the whole day checking their social networks - there are many activities that can boost their imagination, and writing is one of them.

Although your children might not aspire to become novelists, it’s important that they practice their writing skills to prevent summer learning loss. If you don’t know how to encourage your children to write, at The Tutoring Center in Dubai, we would like to provide you some useful ideas. 

Help your Children

It’s difficult for your children to take the first step, they need an extra push and you can give it to them. Suggest them a subject to them to trigger their imagination: a letter to a friend, their pets or any past experience. They don’t need to write a page each day, a small paragraph regularly will be enough. 

Provide the Materials

Make sure to have a notebook, paper, pens, crayons, dictionary and everything your children need to write. Keep them in a box or basket so they can find them  easily.  

Find a Space

A quiet and comfortable workplace is not only important to create a great study environment, it’s also a space that can boost their imagination. Make sure to provide your children with a solid table, a comfortable chair and a well-lit place where they can spend time to write.  

Stimulate them!

Never push your children to write, otherwise you will make them dislike this activity. Try instead to get involved in the process; encourage your children to write their stories and make them read them to you. Also, praise their attempts - try to overlook spelling mistakes and keep criticism to a minimum. 

There are many abilities that will be demanded throughout the academic life of your children,and an outstanding written language and full command of English Grammar are fundamental.Remember that The Tutoring Center has a Writing Enrichment Program, that will improve the writing skills and concentration of your children. 

Don’t forget that we offer a free diagnostic assessment to know which strategies and abilities need to be developed, so your children can achieve academic success. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Dubai.

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