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Reading is an important academic tool that your children will need throughout their school life, and it’s important that they learn the joy for reading from an early age. 

The benefits of being a regular reader are countless: it expands the vocabulary, enhances creativity and helps to prevent summer learning loss. For these reasons, at The Tutoring Center in Dubai, we would like to give you a few tips on how to encourage your children to read. 


Do you have a valid library card? Good! You will be borrowing material from this wonderful place where hundreds of books are waiting for their next reader. Let your children follow their interests and curiosity by allowing them to choose their own books. Plus, you can always rely on the librarian for a good recommendation. 

Be an Example

If you enjoy reading, the chances that your children will follow your example are higher. Have plenty of reading material around the house, so it will trigger their curiosity. Also, consider subscribing to a magazine they enjoy. 

Get Involved

Ask your children regularly about the books they are reading, that way you will motivate them to tell you everything about their stories. Don’t forget to introduce them to the concept of the bookmarks.

Try to Avoid

Don’t scold your children if they don’t like to read. It’s a long process and they will have to discover for themselves the joy and benefits of reading. So avoid giving rewards every time they finish a book. 

Remember that school is a progressive process and previous skills need to be consolidated to move on to the next grade. However, if the foundations are not solid enough, that can translate into poor academic achievement - provide your children with the skills they need!

The Tutoring Center has a Geniuses in Training Reading Program™ that will enhance the reading abilities of your children. We know that each student is different, that’s why we offer a free diagnostic to know more about their academic needs! For this and many other reasons, think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Dubai.  

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