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Managing your time efficiently can help you become a better student during this new year. If you have this resolution, know that a schedule can allow you to keep up with all of your responsibilities. To create a schedule which you can actually follow, read through the post below.

How to Create a Schedule that Works for You

Make a List of All of Your Responsibilities

To create a schedule, you first need to be aware of everything you have to do. To that end, make a list with all you should accomplish in your day (from homework to studying, to working on house chores and practicing a sport).

Organize and Prioritize Your Duties

After you have your list, you will need to organize the order in which you'll complete each item. Remember to prioritize the activities which require the most attention from you (for instance, studying for your upcoming math test).

Pick the Right Time to Work

Before you set a time frame for each of your activities, you should think of when in the afternoon you'll work on them. Ensure you have the right energy level at this time, and that you aren't hungry or tired so that you can focus fully.

Set Time Margins for Each Activity

Then, you should set time margins for each of your duties (e.g. study math from 5 pm to 6:30 pm), and stick to them. As mentioned above, give yourself more time to finish those tasks which are more challenging to you.

Allow for Interruptions

Nobody is productive 100% of the time. Attempting to be is unrealistic and can be extremely tiring. For that reason, you should allow time for interruptions, and give yourself some downtime as well (e.g. 5-minute breaks every hour or so).

Use Incentives to Stay Motivated

If you're finding it difficult to keep up with your schedule, set up a few incentives. This way, you'll have a reward waiting for you if you're done on time (e.g. watching your favorite show).

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