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Let’s be honest; it’s very easy for your children to get distracted. Their curiosity will divert their attention to other tasks and make them forget what they were doing. That’s why it’s important to provide them a space where they can focus. Otherwise, they will end up procrastinating.

Because your children won’t get that studying done in bed, at The Tutoring Center in Dubai we have some ideas to create a great learning environment for your kids.  


Every child is different, so there are no specific conditions for everyone. While many may prefer a quiet place, others may require external stimuli to focus. For them, you can play some classical music or any other music without lyrics.


This is an often neglected part of studying. The chair should be comfortable, but not too much, otherwise your child may fall asleep on it. Also, prevent them from standing up constantly. You can prevent this by making sure they have all their school supplies at hand. 


“Natural daylight” bulbs are recommended for studying. Remember that a dimmed light could make anyone sleepy! Don´t forget to tell your child, that he should never stare directly to the light bulb, especially when studying.

As you can see, providing good conditions for studying is relatively easy. Yet, if their academic achievement isn’t the ideal, your children may need extra help.

Remember that if you are looking for tutors in Dubai, The Tutoring Center has programs that will help your children reach their potential! For more information, please call 04 435 6548 or 800 TUTOR.


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