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The child who has an “I can” attitude will do much better in school than the child who constantly says “I can’t”. That’s where you, an adult who supports the educational process of your children, can help. Here are some ways you can provide positive and impactful feedback to your children:

  • Be a good role model. How you feel about yourself greatly influences how your children feel about themselves. Demonstrate positive and responsible habits for your children to copy.
  • Look for the good things your children do and let them know you’ve noticed and that you are pleased. Be specific. Equally as important, let your children know you support and love them even when they don’t win.
  • Create opportunities for your children to succeed by breaking down big projects into easy increments and cheer them on at the completion of each step.
  • Don’t presume your children know how much you love them. Tell them every day. Hug them, talk to them, play with them.
  • Watch what you say around your children even if you know they’re not paying attention. Children can often hear you even when they are paying attention to something else.


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