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ADHD is a disorder that is affecting a large population of learners. In the United States, for example, 28% percent of children between 3 and 17 have been diagnosed. The numbers are growing throughout the world, and it doesn’t seem to be a diagnoses that is going away. If you are currently raising a child with ADHD, you know that it can be difficult to capture and keep the attention of your child, perhaps feeling that you cannot engage your child well. We at The Tutoring Center in Dubai would like to offer you a few simple steps to implement within your home, in order to ensure a healthier and more engaged life for you and your child. 

Healthy Living

For you and your child, healthy living is extremely important. We’re sure you’re aware of this, but would like to provide three simple ways you can ensure your child is living the healthiest lifestyle possible. 

Exercise and Play
You may choose to involve your child in organized sports, dance, or other forms of physical expression, like the martial arts. You may also choose to simply allow your child to play with friends regularly. Whatever you do, be sure that your child is getting the proper amount of exercise. Especially regarding those with ADHD, think of all the pent up energy your child has at the end of the day and how much better that may be if he or she is given an active way to release it. 

Eating Well
A diet low in sugar and high in nutrients is recommendable. As your child is already experiencing difficulty in focusing, you want to be sure not to provide more sugar than their body and brain will need, as well as providing nutrients that will aid in brain function and development.

Sleeping Well
Not only does it matter how many hours your child sleeps, but remember the quality counts as well. You have preferences when you sleep, and you should open a discussion with your child on this topic, discovering what works best for him/her. Here are some questions to consider: Should there be a nightlight or is complete darkness better? Does your child prefer the noise of a fan or noise machine, or does he or she prefer quiet? What about the bed? Is it too hard, to soft? After finding out this information try to be as accommodating as possible. 

Routine and Structure

Though any child will benefit from routine and structure, they are especially important for children already experiencing trouble focusing and gathering thoughts. Remember that your child will benefit from knowing when things are expected of him or her, what is expected, and even how. You can provide a calendar in a place that is visible to your child, to allow him or her to see what is coming next. 

Remember that at The Tutoring Center we have tutoring methods that are designed to help engage even the most distractible of learners. If you discover that your child is in need of academic assistance, that is exactly what we are here for, and our dedicated and professional tutors are prepared to help. Contact us at, 971 4 435 6548 if you require tutoring in Dubai!


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