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Tests can be nerve-racking for students. Unfortunately, this high-stress scenario may lead some of them to make mistakes that they normally wouldn't make. To help you take your tests as effectively as possible, this post will share the most common test-taking mistakes students make.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

  1. If you're not prepared for your test, you can't expect to do great on it. Avoid cramming and ensure you have the necessary knowledge and supplies to complete the test.
  2. Believe it or not, some students forget to write their name on their tests. This may lose them a few points in some cases. In others, it may even get them a "zero" on their test.
  3. Neglecting to read the test is another mistake you should avoid. Be sure to read instructions, questions, and possible answers to verify that you're on the right track.
  4. Writing in illegible letters, not answering as instructed, or generally not answering in proper form can also lower your grade significantly.
  5. Getting stuck on a complicated question can be very detrimental. You're on a time constraint, so be efficient by moving on and returning to that question later on (be sure to mark it down).
  6. Not answering questions is another way to lose easy points (whether you forgot about them, or missed them altogether). Check that you've answered everything in your test.
  7. The nerves may make you rush through your test. However, rushing may lead to oversights and easily avoidable mistakes. Work carefully to guarantee you're answering correctly.
  8. Lastly, not reviewing the test before you hand it in can also be a huge mistake, since during the review, you may be able to find and correct mistakes you may have made.

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