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Children need to learn how to do basic math operations, even if all of their devices have a calculator integrated into them nowadays. To help your child take those first steps, follow the tips below to introduce them to additions in a smooth, easy, and effective manner.

How to Help a Child with Addition

  1. You need to begin with the basics. If your child doesn't know what adding is, what it consists of, when it's used, or isn't too familiar with numbers and counting, this can be a more difficult task for them. Start with the basics to build on that knowledge.
  2. A great tip that can help your child start adding inadvertently is to skip count. Ask them to count in 3s, for example, so they can have a better grasp on the concept of additions and how they work.
  3. Speaking of helping your child understand additions better, you can also provide quantifiable and tangible objects. For example, you can give them a few small toys, have them count them; then, give them some more and make them count again, so they can actually see what adding is.
  4. As with any other new skill, practice is key, which is why you should encourage your child to do it often. Give them real life examples where additions are used, provide worksheets, or make use of online math games they can use to improve.
  5. As a final tip, it's suggested that you wait until your child is absolutely comfortable with counting single digits before you introduce them to more complicated operations (with 2 or more digits, with decimal numbers, etc.).

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