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Is your child in the habit of losing their school supplies the moment they get them? If you don't want their learning experience to suffer due to misplaced items (and if you don't want school supplies to cause a dent in your wallet), here are some tips you can follow to help them stay organized.

How to Keep Your Child's School Supplies Organized

Tag Their Supplies

Students misplace their items all of the time. An easy way to increase the probabilities of them getting them back is to put their name on pens, notebooks, calculators, and more.

Give Them Extras

A missing pen can be troublesome when there are no replacements around. To ensure your child will be able to continue working even in those cases, provide extra supplies they can keep in their backpack.

Put a System Together

Put together an organizational system that your child can follow to keep their supplies in check (e.g. carry smaller supplies in a pencil case). Then, teach them to stick to it as much as possible, so their items don't get lost.

Keep Track of Borrowed Supplies

While you should encourage your child to share their supplies with their peers, you should also remind them to keep track of them and to ask for them in return once they're done.

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