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If your child is known to sit in front of the TV all summer long, you may be worried about their development. Still, if you want to keep their break fun and light, here are some games they can play to keep their mind sharp.

How to Keep Your Child's Mind Sharp Over Summer with Games

Crossword Puzzles

First off, there are crossword puzzles which, believe it or not, can help your child greatly. This is because, through them, they'll be putting their knowledge to the test and reinforcing it. They also need to develop strategies, problem-solve, and spell correctly to complete them.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Everyone knows what jigsaw puzzles are and how to complete one. What you may not know, however, is that they provide your child with a chance to make plans, increase focus, manage their resources, and even sharpen their recognition of colors, shapes, and images.

Memory Games

To be a good learner, you need a strong and capable memory. If you'd like your child to improve as a student, ensure they strengthen their ability to retain and recall information. One way to do exactly that would be to have them play fun memory games, such as Memorama.

Help Your Child Learn in Summer with One-on-One Tutoring in Dubai UAE

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