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While much has changed in the world of education over the years, times tables remain as important as ever. A sound knowledge of multiplication facts helps children build a firm foundation in many aspects of mathematics, from fractions to division to algebra. Children who don’t know their times...
Many parents have a nightly battle getting their little ones to bed. All too often, children want to stay up watching TV or playing computer games - in short, doing anything that delays the boredom of bedtime and the end of another day. 

Parents are also familiar with the consequences of...

Parents often have some anxiety around their children entering school for the first time. Although today many children attend preschool, which often prepares them for the routines and learning environment of kindergarten, parents still anguish over whether their children will meet the...
Nowadays, kids often know more about technology than their parents. Not only that, but they seem able to operate a whole range of electronic devices from an ever younger age. Looking around, as well as seeing teenagers glued to their phones, we notice infants using iPads and iPods to play games...
Whether or not children’s IQ is handed down by their parents has long been the subject of debate and scientific study. We have all heard people remark on a child’s academic prowess, saying he or she “gets it” from the mother or father, but is this really true? Doesn’t environment play a major...
What is Dyscalculia?
Also known as numlexia or “number blindness,” dyscalculia is a learning disability that involves difficulty in understanding numbers and arithmetic. It is somewhat similar to dyslexia, but is much harder to diagnose and can span a variety of mathematical topics. For...
Get your child on the right track this new school year. 

Our experience tell us many children struggle with school is not academic; rather it is the lack of personal skills.  

This school year you can enhance your child’s education with our Study Skills Enrichment Program. 

Does your child struggle when doing homework or writing an essay? We can help.  

The Tutoring Center’s Writing Enrichment Program offers customized programs that adapts to your child’s needs.  The one-to-one instruction, class setup, is aimed to give each student the attention they...

Goal: At the Tutoring Center, we specialize in helping children master academic skills, get better grades, achieve higher standardized test scores and gain the confidence, motivation and concentration necessary to succeed. 

Our first and primary goal will be to help your child improve...

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