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Having an extensive vocabulary can be extremely beneficial for your child (and for anyone, for that matter): they'll be more knowledgeable, they'll communicate better, and they'll have a clearer grasp on the world around them. If you want to help your child work on their vocabulary, follow the...
Children need to learn how to do basic math operations, even if all of their devices have a calculator integrated into them nowadays. To help your child take those first steps, follow the tips below to introduce them to additions in a smooth, easy, and effective manner.

How to Help a Child with...

For some reason, math gets a bad reputation among many students, which may lead some of them to think that it's not worth learning. If you notice that your child is one of those students, below you'll find a few tips on how you can encourage them to do math without feeling discouraged by it.


School may be out, but that doesn't mean that your child should stop learning altogether. On the contrary, if they want to keep their knowledge fresh and their skills sharp, they should practice what they've learned regularly over the break. For that reason, in this post, you'll find a few ways...
The child who has an “I can” attitude will do much better in school than the child who constantly says “I can’t”. That’s where you, an adult who supports the educational process of your children, can help. Here are some ways you can provide positive and impactful feedback to your children:

  • Be a...
If your child is known to sit in front of the TV all summer long, you may be worried about their development. Still, if you want to keep their break fun and light, here are some games they can play to keep their mind sharp.

How to Keep Your Child's Mind Sharp Over Summer with Games


With summer just around the corner, you should be looking for ways to keep your child learning and developing during the break. Taking them to the library can be a great option for this since they’ll feel more eager to read after their visit. Plus, you’ll both be able to enjoy some bonding time...
If you want to have material that will help you focus on studying, you need to organize your notebooks. For a few tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

How to Organize Your Notebooks

One for Each Subject

Having one notebook for all of your subjects can make things confusing,...
Encouraging your child to keep a journal and to write in it often can be extremely advantageous for them (academically, socially, and more). To learn more about the benefits journaling can bring, continue reading.

Benefits of Journaling for Your Child

It Allows Them to Express Themselves

First of...
For a student, procrastination can be a detrimental practice: it can lead to poor grades, bad time management skills, and a short attention span. If you notice that your child procrastinates when it's time to do homework or study, use the following tips to help them continue working.

How to...


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