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Children tend to put reading aside during their first years at elementary school, mostly because they don't feel comfortable enough to read books, and parents tend to confuse this with laziness and which leads them to inflict reading on their children at all costs. While the intention is good,...

The current health confinement has sent students home to keep with their school duties and it's important to help children adapt to this provisional way of work in case they're not familiar with home-school. Read on to learn how to provide an optimal space to study at home!

Stick to Their Usual...


It may seem strange to you, but, sitting down to study and review your school subjects without optimizing your time, can be a big mistake. Read on to find out how to maximize these days while studying at home.

Link Each Concept to an Idea

Some of the most difficult concepts to learn are those...

It happens to everyone, you've pulled an all-nighter before a test and your memory refused to cooperate. Know that your brain will work against you if it's fatigued. If you are on the hunt for new study hacks and tutoring in Dubai, scroll down.


Retaining information and superb memory is a...
Children's brains are extremely agile during childhood and for that reason, infancy is a timely stage to start feeding them with knowledge, language, and grammar rules. The latter being one of the most complex due to its trickiness. So, it's important to apply ideas that will gradually build...

Returning to school after a break is challenging enough. However, the stakes are higher when you're starting in a new school. If you want to make your transition as a new student a bit smoother, follow the tips below.

How to Start in a New School

  1. First, research the new school: look it up...

Tests can be an anxiety-inducing occurrence for some students. However, that same anxiety can cause a dip in your performance in said tests. If you require help to learn how to deal with your test anxiety, continue reading.

How to Deal with Test Anxiety

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

It is far more...

People are often trying to build better habits that will put them on the right path to become the person they want to be. However, if you've tried it before, you know that habit building can be an overwhelming process. For a few tips on how to go through it successfully, continue reading.



If your child is uninterested in school, is getting lower grades, or simply has poor time management skills, hiring a tutor can make a big difference. Here are some of the signs to look for before hiring a tutor. **Keep in mind: tutoring will benefit any student, regarding of their current...

As a parent, you care about your child's education and you want them to learn effectively. This is why you need to work with their teacher. Having a working relationship with them will put you both on the same page, which will ultimately benefit your child. For tips on how to develop a working...

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