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Goal: At the Tutoring Center, we specialize in helping children master academic skills, get better grades, achieve higher standardized test scores and gain the confidence, motivation and concentration necessary to succeed. 

Our first and primary goal will be to help your child improve from their current math and reading levels to 6 months - 1 year ahead of grade level, or be able to score an 80% or higher on our standardized Algebra Assessment. 

Interested in enrolling? Here are the steps we take to ensure we meet your child’s specific needs:  

Step 1 
Diagnostic Assessments: Enrollment begins with an initial Diagnostic Assessment that quickly and accurately pinpoint your child’s strengths, areas for development and the skills needed to improve. From this we are able to develop a personalized program to help your child reach their academic goals.  

Step 2 
Test Consultations: Initial Diagnostic Assessments are quickly followed up with a Test Consultation with parents. Parents are provided with a comprehensive report outlining their child’s strengths and areas for development, as well as an intervention plan to ensure a permanent solution  

Step 3
Individualized Programing: Determined by your child’s academic achievements and through our Diagnostic Assessment, our Individualized programs address specific learning skills with a strong focus on Reading, Writing and Math. 

At the Tutoring Center Dubai, we can help your child achieve his or her potential. 
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