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Children will no doubt relish the arrival of the long summer holiday. After a busy school year, and an especially intense exam period for many, the summer break gives children of all ages a chance to relax and spend more time with friends and family.

Yet while down time is important, there is a danger that too much of it could lead to your child experiencing “learning loss” over the summer. This is a term that refers to the loss of key knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas, regardless of grade level. Often, having set their students the exact same test, teachers find that students do not perform as well in September as they did in June. 
Some academically able children will recover this lost knowledge relatively quickly, but others will take much longer, and as a result could lag behind for much of the next school year. Therefore, it is vital that parents make the effort to keep their children’s minds active over the summer, so that they go back to school feeling confident and ready. 

Here are The Tutoring Center’s top tips for keeping your children “academically fit” this summer…

Keep them reading and writing

Maintaining a high level of literacy is essential for students of all ages. Whether just learning to read, or studying advanced English literature texts next year, your child needs to keep working on their relationship with the written word. The summer holiday presents parents with an opportunity to spend more time finding out about the kind of books your child enjoys most. 

Libraries and bookshops are full of enticing fiction and non-fiction titles. For very young children, picture books are a great introduction to the concept of narrative. For those in primary school, there is a wide range of adventure and fantasy books out there - ask them which genre they prefer and search out a book together. If your son or daughter is about to embark on Dickens and Austen in the next school year, you could help them get a head start by reading the novel simultaneously and discussing it with them.

Getting your child to practise their writing skills may be a little more difficult, as this can seem more like a literacy lesson. But encouraging them to keep a diary of their summer activities is a great way to keep their vocabulary, spelling and grammar sharp. Too many children return to school after the long holiday unable to remember how to hold a pencil! Writing a short diary entry at the end of each week will make the readjustment to school life much easier.

Get into a learning routine

Few children, be they infant or teenager, want to spend their summer break doing “homework”. Some parents, eager to prevent learning loss, make the mistake of trying to set up a quasi-school within the home, leading to arguments and disaffection with the learning process. The key thing is to keep the learning tasks manageable. 

Your children may baulk at your giving them an hour’s worth of sums to do, but if you ask them to recite their times tables before watching their favourite TV show, they are more likely to co-operate. Revising phonics, spelling words and maths concepts for a few minutes each day will keep your children’s minds sharp. If you do this at the same time each day, it will quickly become routine. Set time limits and challenge your child to impress you with what he or she can do. Incentivise them with a reward scheme - anything that makes the exercise more fun. Above all, explain carefully why it is important to keep the brain busy over the holiday. Children are more likely to engage when they feel informed and consulted.

Embrace different learning opportunities

Learning is so much more than just English and Maths; it’s about exploring the world around us and engaging with new experiences. Children should be introduced to as many different learning opportunities as possible. Visiting a museum or zoo, going to a painting class, even digging around the garden or the beach can be valuable learning experiences for your children. Find out what interests them - science, technology, art - and indulge their curiosity. You could even set up a joint project that you work on for a short time each day. Not only will it keep them thinking, it will also give them plenty to talk about when they go back to school in September!

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