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Parents often have some anxiety around their children entering school for the first time. Although today many children attend preschool, which often prepares them for the routines and learning environment of kindergarten, parents still anguish over whether their children will meet the expectations of kindergarten. 

To help allay parents' fears, The Tutoring Center suggests some of the readiness skills that various education experts cite as important predictors of kindergarten success. 

Emotional and social maturity as manifested by the following:

- Does your child demonstrate a certain amount of independence by taking responsibility for personal tasks such as putting on and taking off his or her coat, and putting things away after using them? 
- Is your child able to exercise some control over his or her behavior? Is your child comfortable being away from you for a good portion of the day?
- Is your child generally cooperative and able to interact positively in a group, e.g., sharing, taking turns, and following directions?

Interest in and desire to learn

- Does your child demonstrate curiosity about his or her world, and how things work?
- Is your child eager to exhibit his or her word and number knowledge, and eager to learn new things?
- Does he or she like to play with blocks and paints, puzzles, play make-believe, and generally manipulate his or her play world?

Parents can do a lot to provide the kind of experiences that will encourage the above skills in their children. Above all, parents should trust their own instincts regarding their children's readiness for kindergarten. If a parent has some uncertainty, consulting the child's pediatrician or preschool teachers might provide some insight and/or confirmation of the parent's opinion. Also, decisions are not irrevocable or life-threatening; accommodations can be made if problems arise. Parents should feel confident about the kindergarten teacher's expertise and desire to make this transition to formal schooling a positive one. As one kindergarten teacher put it: "It is my belief that every child is somewhere in the developmental process of learning to read, write, cipher, follow directions, solve problems, and think critically. It is our job as teachers to determine upon which rung our students stand, while holding their hands and guiding them to the next step up the ladder."


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